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2018 Ceremony Fees
All packages have an additional Travel fee at .40¢ per mile round trip for travel beyond 15 miles from Lafayette, Oregon.

No travel fee for - Amity, Carlton, Dayton, Lafayette, McMinnville and Newberg.

Meetings - Complimentary (Free)
Rehearsal (ceremony day)   Complimentary (Free)

Rehearsal (non-ceremony day)   $150.00  (plus travel fee)

Reservation Fee   $200  (price is part of the ceremony fee)

Which will be applied toward the total amount for my services. This is due at the time of signing the contract. This fee covers the writing of the ceremonies, saving of the day on my calendar and my time corresponding or meeting with you. The Remaining amount is due 1 month prior to wedding.

For most ceremonies I travel to your location, Oregon.

Ceremony Package Options - Prices include Writing 3 ceremonies, officiating ceremony, Booking fee, filing of the marriage license after the ceremony and an email reminder sent 1 week after your wedding. To obtain your Official Certified Copy of the marriage license. This is the legal paper you need to change marital status and name.

- Oregon Requirements 2 witnesses to be physically present during the ceremony. Don't have witnesses? I can provide the witnesses for an additional $20 each. The $20 will be paid to the witnesses for their time.

Wedding or Vow Renewal Ceremony   $500  A warm, sweet and romantic ceremony, this price includes the Reservation Fee. (plus travel fee)

Rehearsals needs to be scheduled with me no later than one month before the ceremony. I will try to accommodate short notice rehearsals. There is a fee for all Rehearsals.

The Reservation fee is for all ceremonies. This fee is non-refundable deposit that goes toward the total ceremony amount.

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Ceremony Examples
Wedding Ceremony Examples

These are just a few of my many wedding ceremony examples. Every wedding and vow renewal ceremony is created for the individual couple. I want your guests to feel the love that ties you together as a couple.

Secular Wedding Ceremony

A Secular ceremony has no religious attributes.

Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremony 

A Nondenominational ceremony speaks of the Divine Creator.

Christian Wedding Ceremony

A Christian wedding ceremony speaks of God, The Lord or The Holy Spirit.

Wedding Unity Ceremony
Unity Ceremonies - These addition ceremonies are added into the wedding or vow renewal ceremony to customize it as you wish.

Ring Warming
    Ring warming is a beautiful a sweet way to include everyone at your wedding ceremony. The couples ask their family and friends to bless or put good thoughts and wishes upon the rings. The rings are passed from person to person during the first part of the ceremony. Each person holds them and instills in the rings their thoughts for the happy couple. As it reaches the time for the ring vows, the rings are passed to the ring bearer or best man/woman. This ceremony is to show unity in both the couple and the love of their family and friends. 

Wedding Lasso
      The wedding lasso is a cord or beaded double rosary. The couple stands or kneels facing each other holding hands. The lasso is placed over the couple’s heads and rests on their shoulders. Throughout the ceremony this remains on their shoulders as they say their vows.  The lasso is often placed on their shoulders by the Officiant; however this right may be performed by a person or co
uple that is special or close to Love X and Love O. This ceremony is to show the act of two people uniting in the unity of marriage.

      The Handfasting ceremony is another ceremony that shows the couple uniting in the unity of marriage. The couple faces each other and their wrists are bound loosely together. Depending on the ceremony there are two different ways I know to do this part. One way is to have the couple have one ribbon or cord added at a time as they go through the ceremony. As they answer each part a new ribbon or cord is added on. Another way is to choose 4 cords or ribbons and have them added all at the beginning of the ceremony. Staying bound together until the end. One ribbon is included in the ceremony. You must specify what color you want prior to your wedding day.

Family Vow Ceremony 
     The vows help to solidify the new union that you have chosen to join into  with your special person. Many ceremonies involve merging two families  together. This blending of families has made the need for children to be  allowed to take part in the vow exchange, important for many couples.   

Sand Ceremony 
     The couple each pours a vessel of sand into a larger vase. As they pour  together, their different colors of sand combine, creating a piece of  artwork that serves as a long-lasting keepsake. If children are involved  in the ceremony, the vessel will become a rainbow of color. The  finished product can then be corked for long-term display. You must  provide sand and vases. (Wonderful alternative to Unity Candle lighting.)

Rose Ceremony     
In this ritual, Love X and Love O each present one another with their  first gift as a married couple. They each exchange a single long-stem  rosebud as a symbol of their love, and then place them in one vase to  share water. The two flowers use the shared water so the buds can open  into larger blooms. This ceremony is usually preformed just after the  clergy presents the couple, but before the Recessional. 

Wine or Sparkling Juice Ceremony 
    This is a ceremony that is especially well suited for the vineyard setting  here in Oregon’s Wine Country. In this ceremony the Love X and Love O each  have a small decanter of wine (one - white for the Love X and one - red for  the Love O). They pour wine from their decanters together into a larger  center decanter. By doing so they create a rose (blush). Then the Love O pours wine from the center carafe into a glass for the Love X. Then the Love X pours a glass for the Love O. Together they toast saying “Now our lives have become one." They each take a sip and face their guests.

Unity Candle
     A unity candle is a symbol of a Love X and Love O committing to each other in  front of friends and family. The unity candle is simply a  large candle. The Love X and Love O each  hold a lit taper candle and together light the larger unity candle. Then, the couple blows out their individual candle and the unity candle  now represents two becoming one.

Poem Reading and Singers 
    Do you have a loved one who you would like to include in the wedding? Then this is where you might want to include them.

Wine Box & Love Letters
You will need a good bottle of wine to age, two wine glasses and stationary for letters. The couple has a wine box with a lock that has room for glasses. They write a love letter for their soon to be spouse. Place the letters in the box with the wine and glasses and nail or lock it during their ceremony. On their 1st or 5th anniversary they share the bottle of wine and read the letter their spouse placed in the box. Then they replace the bottle and write new letters and seal it again for another 1 to 5 years.

Jumping the Broom
Jumping the Broom requires Love X and Love O to let go of the past and to focus on the future. It symbolically is sweeping away the past by physically jumping of walking over the broom. The broom is especially made for the ceremony. Usually handmade by the couple (may also be purchased online).

Unity Painting
Love X and Love O each has a color of paint that represent them. They may squirt, brush or splatter the paint on to a canvas (painter canvas, plywood, mirror, glass pane.) As the colors mix it shows how their lives are intertwined and cannot be separated.

Tree or Flower Planting
Love X and Love O takes a plant (tree or flower) and places it into the ground or pot. The love and care that this plant will require is symbolic of the love and care that a marriage requires. If the plant is not tended too, it will die. If a marriage is not cared for and each person is not appreciated; then the marriage will end.

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