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Reverend Michels came to us with plenty of inspired ideas to make sure that what we got on the day of our wedding was genuinely about us and spoke truest of how we felt for one another. From the moment we chose her, she remained in constant contact, making sure to keep up to date on our preferences and decisions. She took careful precautions and made it easy for us to know what part everyone in the wedding party had and for us to feel comfortable and relaxed when exchanging our vows.
Vickie is truly wonderful. She is very professional and helpful. She allowed us to piece together our own ceremony from some suggestions and our own ideas. She was very easy to work with and so kind and understanding. The wedding was perfect. We had a beach wedding in Oregon in 2013. She did an excellent job, and we have nothing but good things to say about her. She feels like a family friend to us now. I would highly recommend her.
We had our wedding on short notice and we didn't have much time to prepare so I was pretty stressed out until I met Reverend Michels. She had such a calm and soothing presence about her that I immediately felt relaxed and reassured that everything would turn out and it did. I couldn't have asked for more. It was a beautiful ceremony and it was exactly as we wanted it to be. She was very pleasant and professional throughout. I highly recommend her to anyone who is planning a wedding.

By Ashley Miller

By Lisa Noland 

By Lucile Finiley 

The Reverend was very nice. We are a same-sex couple and we wanted a wedding not a commitment ceremony. She understood us and made us feel comfortable and that was very important, especially to my wife.
Reverend Vickie is a warm and funny person. She said that we had nothing to worry about that she would make it stress-free and she did! She created a one-of-a-kind ceremony for us; that expressed what we were feeling. Thank you Rev. Vickie, you're the best!
She made us feel comfortable from our first meeting. She was easy to talk to and she walked us through the whole process and always made sure we were prepared. We were both very comfortable during this whole process thanks to Reverend Michel's relaxed and cheerful attitude, she made the whole thing easy.

By Lila C.

By Robin W.

By Tina A. 

Vickie was fantastic! She brought a light and bubbly energy to our wedding ceremony and wrote such beautiful passages! She also provided us with some creative ideas for unity rituals that we included in our ceremony that made it unique and memorable. She is fun and sweet and we enjoyed having her be a part of our special day. Highly recommended!
Reverend Vickie was very easy to work with. I found her online, so we communicated by email almost entirely. She communicated clearly and punctually, providing us with lots of choices for our wedding ceremony content. She was flexible in locations, providing us a ceremony that was just right for us - an elopement ON THE BEACH on the Oregon coast. She made it very easy for our special day to be just what we wanted it to be.
Vickie was our officiant for our elopement. We live a state away so we were nervous that things would not work out the way we envisioned it but Vickie did an amazing job ensuring that it went off without a hitch. She was timely with her correspondence answering any questions we had and even video chatted with us to get a feel of our interests to personalize our vows to our beliefs. She even went above and beyond by bringing witnesses for us since our family couldn't make the trip. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone.
By Dani D.
By Debbie T.
By Elizabeth E.
Vickie was an absolute delight to work with from first contact through our ceremony. She was so accommodating and flexible. We didn't ask for a lot of changes, but she understood and didn't bat an eye at the ones we did ask for, which was different from other officiants we had reached out to before finding her. We were able to make our ceremony exactly what we wanted it to be: low key and personal to us. That's how it should be when you are committing to another. Thank you for making our day about us and guiding us through the legalities as painlessly as possible!
Vickie was amazing and an integral part of my son's wedding on the beach in Lincoln City. Communication was outstanding, she answered all of their questions in a timely manner. When she arrived at the site, she was calm and professional, putting the groom at ease as he frantically ran around taking care of last second issues. Vickie stepped in and immediately felt like part of the extended family. I would highly recommend her for whatever ceremony you have. "Vickie, thank you for helping make the kids' special day absolutely perfect."
Vickie was a huge help, and very patient and understanding throughout our wedding planning. She was kind, helpful, and put us at ease. The ceremony itself was beautiful, personal and her delivery was outstanding.
I would absolutely recommend her to others!
Thank you Vickie for all your help!

By Erica H.

By Deborah S.

By Rebecca M.

Vickie did such a great job! She's professional & very helpful with everything.
I can't say anything bad..she was fantastic..ty vicki
Vickie did an amazing job at our wedding on August 29th, 2015, she was early, so she went and filled out the wedding license so that it was ready at the end. She was loud and vocal so everyone could hear her throughout the barn. It was amazing, thank you so much for everything!

By Isaac B.

By Lindsey S.

By Victor K.

Vickie was AMAZING!!! She's exactly what I need to get me threw the vows she's very patient and kind but feisty when she needs to put the groomsmen and check which is so much nicer to have that having the bride have to do it every time lol , thank you again Vickie ! My vows were amazing and so are you !!!! Xoxox
Did a good job
Thank you.

Thanks so much for the wedding ceremony. It was perfect. You easily deciphered what we we were looking for and performed it perfectly.
By Ryan & Jennefer.
By Heather & Sapphir
By Michele
That was the most amazing ceremony. You have great praise from us both.
Vicki was wonderful!!! She first was punctual and made sure to help with anything and explain it clearly and with the service gave beautiful words and was very respectful and we really enjoyed having her!!! Thanks vicki:)
Vicki did an amazing job! We live in Indiana so almost everything was done through e-mail. She was on top of everything right down to the beautiful bouquets she created for my wife and I. Our wedding was everything we had hoped for and Vicki played a big part in that success!.

By Laura H.

By Alexsis & Jason

By Donald C.

I met with Vickie and she was so nice and professional yet I was very comfortable with her and I know that our ceremony will be great.
Vickie Michels was fantastic! She had no problem communicating with us about our ceremony and allowing us to customize what we wanted. We asked quite a few questions, to which she replied in a timely manner with her answers. On top of this, she arrived a handful of minutes early and hung with us while we waited for our tardy matron of honor. And on such a warm day, she had the foresight to bring a hand held fan that the bride could use to stay cool. On top of all this, she was wonderfully sweet and good humored. Choose this woman, she is absolutely wonderful, and incredibly adaptable!
We did not have anyone to marry is so we went online and found Rev Michels. We met with her and we discussed what we wanted and she sent us a sample wedding. At the time of the wedding she was on time and with her help everything went very well. We couldn't have asked for a better wedding. We would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Rev. Vicki Michels..

By James A.

Reverend Vickie was superb in every way. She understood our needs and made sure that our wedding was what we dreamed of.

Our Wedding

Vickie did a great job she did just as we asked and was great and stayed and did pictures with us even though she had another wedding to do. I would tell everyone about her she is a great lady and and I see her a friend also.

By Victoria H.

I would highly recommend Reverend Vickie. She is flexible and easy to talk to. She was on time unlike the start of my wedding, which was my fault not hers. We meet with her to go over plans since we did not really need a rehearsal, and had a nice conversation. She responded promptly to emails and was a pleasure to have perform our ceremony. Sincerely, Victoria Hanson
By Mr & Mrs. Jeffrey Lorin Price

By Amy. K.
By Ana D.
Vickie is awesome! She is wonderfully sweet but can be tough and reign in some unruly wedding party members if needed. She worked through a microphone failing and no one noticed. She was on time and worked without ever changing schedule. I am so happy she was the person to marry us!
We were very happy to have Reverend Michels's perform our civil ceremony. She was very nice and friendly, open to ideas and suggestions. The ceremony was exactly how we wanted it to be. She spoke slowly and with a strong voice so all of our guests could hear.
She was very punctual and responded rapidly to our emails and request. In summary, she was very professional. I would definitively recommend her! _

Vickie was Great even with the temps. In the upper 90's she still was very pleasant. She did her job and made the day so special for Both of Us,, Even knowing she had to be at another wedding she still took time out to do pictures with Us. Anyone needing a wedding she is great I will telling everyone We know to go see Vickie,, Again thank You Vickie for making Our Day go so smooth,,,
Mr & Mrs. Jeffrey Lorin Price

By Rick P.

By Elisa A.

User from St. Helens, OR

Rev. Vickie was very nice on the phone. She was relaxed but very excited to help us make our day special. We couldn’t meet her until our wedding day because we live in a different state. However, we felt very comfortable knowing she was going to be our officiant. When we met her in person we were just as thrilled to know we were right to trust her.
Reverend Michels, made us very comfortable.She was easy-going and open-minded. She understood what we wanted for our non-traditional ceremony. She responded to emails and questions within just a few hours.
Rev. Michels responded to my request to have a small and intimate wedding in St. Helens within a two week time period. She was very professional and worked with us to give us the perfect ceremony for our family!

User from Portland, Or

User from PORTLAND, OR

Rev. Michels did exactly as we asked. My impression is that she will cater to whatever your needs are from a very formal wedding to what we had a very small casual wedding. She was on time and very accommodating. I would recommend her to anyone.
Instead of getting married in the courthouse, we decided to go to the Oregon coast for a short ceremony. We are so happy that we found Vickie Michels to conduct the event. She provided choices of the style and content of the ceremony and she drove to our location to conduct the service. She is professional in every way and we highly recommend her services. She made our special day even more special. Thanks, Rev. Michels!

User from Salem, Oregon

Rev. Vickie Michels was so helpful and made it so easy for us to have a great ceremony while still having fun!
By Krystal C.
By Justin & Charley Webb   

By Shea N.
Reverend Vickie made our special day perfect! With both my husband and I so nervous, she was able to gently lead us through our ceremony with a calming and magical experience. We couldn't have asked for a better officiant!! She was willing to meet with us as often as we needed and keeps great correspondence. We can't thank her enough for making our wedding day perfect!!
Beautiful ceremony and super easy to work with.
We were so blessed to have found Rev. Vickie Michels! She was positive, encouraging and full of knowledge! Justin and I had an idea how we wanted our ceremony to go, but not sure of the wording. Vickie had plenty of informational packets to help us decide and get ideas on how we wanted our personalized ceremony to be. Also, she mentioned ideas of how we could involve my two children more in the ceremony. She was never overbearing or forcing anything upon us which we loved because she truly allowed us to make the ceremony ours! She was available to meet where and when we needed, and 24/7 for questions or concerns. When the big day came she was there when she needed to be and everything flowed smoothly! I will recommend her to family and friends for sure!! Thank you Vickie for sharing and making our special day possible!!