Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding, Elopement, and Vow Renewal  Ceremony Information

What can you do?
  I am a minister; I perform weddings and baptisms/christenings. Including secular (non-religious) ceremonies.

What areas do you officiate in?
    I perform ceremonies in all of Oregon’s 36 Counties. The Oregon Coastline to the Idaho border and everywhere in-between.

What if we do not want our picture(s) posted on your site?
    I only post the pictures from ceremonies when I am given permission by the couple when they sign the contract. I will not take or post any pictures if you have not permitted me.

How are you dressed when you officiate a ceremony?
    I dress in a simple Black suit, Black dress, or a Black robe with/without a white wedding stole. For a relaxed or informal ceremony, I wear a solid color blouse with black dress pants. The decision of what I wear to your ceremony is your choice. If you do not notify me of a preference, then I will wear dress pants, a blouse, and a Blazer/cardigan sweater.

What do I need for the ceremony?
    Marriage License
    Ceremony Location
    At least 2 witnesses
 Don't have witnesses? I can provide the witnesses for your joyous union.
Do you require that premarital counseling be done?
    No, this is not required.

How long after my Divorce can I apply for a marriage license?
    A license can be issued one day after the final date of a divorce. If you were previously married, you’ll need the exact date of your divorce to complete the application.

Do you require a contract?
    Yes, I believe you should feel confident that you are hiring a professional to officiate your ceremony.

How long have you been performing weddings?
    I have been performing weddings since 2005.

Do you take care of the license after the ceremony or do we?
    Yes, I fill out your wedding license and send it to the county clerk’s office. Within two weeks you should be able to obtain your official marriage certificate.

What are your beliefs?
    I am a non-denominational minister; I believe you should have the wedding or vow renewal of your desire. I respect all beliefs and customs; your individuality is what makes your ceremony special.

Do you have reviews I can read?
 Yes, I have a few on this page - Reviews.


What type of payments do you accept?
    I accept Cash, or Debit/Credit Cards via Square invoice online.

When do we pay you?
    I request the Reservation Fee of $150, this amount will be put toward the total services price. This is to be paid when you fill out/return the contract. The Remaining Amount is paid 60 days before the ceremony date.

What happens if we cancel our ceremony?
   If you cancel your ceremony any time prior to 60 days of the ceremony date only the reservation fee for the ceremony will be non-refundable. If you cancel your ceremony within 60 days of your ceremony date the full amount of the ceremony is due to me.

What happens if we need to reschedule our ceremony?
    I will do my best to accommodate your request to change the date of your wedding. If for some reason I cannot accommodate the change in your wedding date, then I will refund all the fees you have paid except the reservation fee.

Do you have a list of readings pre-selected, from which the couple must choose?
    No, each ceremony is unique. I do, however, have suggestions for couples that need a little extra help in making their ceremony unique.

Do you allow the couple to write their vows if desired?
    Yes, this is your day. Writing your own vows makes it completely unique. However, if you do not feel comfortable then I have a variety of vows to choose from, many are simple yet lovely.

Can our children be involved in the ceremony?
    Yes, the ceremony is your vision, I just help you create it.

Oregon Requirements

Where do we get a marriage license?
    Residents of Oregon - May apply for a marriage license at any of the 36 county clerk offices. There is a 3-day waiting period before the license can be used. The fee varies from $50.00 to 85.00, they all can be paid in cash or credit/debit card. The marriage license may be used in any county in the State of Oregon. The license is valid for 60 days.

    Nonresidents of Oregon - May apply for a marriage license at any of the state's 36 county clerk offices. Request a waiver to waive the three-day waiting period for the use of the marriage license. The marriage license fees are $50 to $85, they can be paid in cash or credit/debit card. The license is valid only for 60 days.

Can you marry us the day we get the license?
    Yes, If you can obtain a waiver. Otherwise no, the law says you must wait three days after obtaining your marriage license before it is legal to wed. However, on the fourth day, I would be very pleased to officiate your ceremony.

How much does a Waiting Period Waiver cost?
    It depends on the county. Each county is allowed to set its fee for waiving a waiting period. The fee varies from Free to $25.00. Some counties in the state of Oregon do not allow the waiting period to be waived. Please check the website of the County Marriage License Office you plan to obtain your license from for more details.

What is the legal age to marry in the State of Oregon?
    You are legal to marry if you are 18 or older without the need for parental consent. You may marry if you are 17 and have parental consent. The county clerk can help you obtain the necessary forms when you go to obtain your marriage license.