Why Be Traditional?

I have been asked quite often if brides and grooms can be nontraditional. If I will officiate a nontraditional ceremony? I always say "yes", my only caveat is nondenominational ceremonies.  If you want a Secular ceremony just about anything goes, however, don’t forget that if you want a nondenominational ceremony then it needs to center around God, the Lord, and Jesus Christ, however, it can also include your little personal touches too. Remember this is your day to join together with your Forever Love.

*         Is Exchanging rings too old fashion? Then try exchanging Dog tags with the words “Forever yours” or “My heart is Yours Forever” inscribed on them... it's your ceremony, if you want it then Do it!

*         Want a Christian wedding but don’t want it to be impersonal, then it doesn’t need to be, many ministers and officiants will create a personalized ceremony that honors God and includes your personal style combined.

*         Want to have a theme wedding, you can! Rockabilly, Space, Anime inspired, Movie themed “Dark Crystal, Princess Bride, Top Gun” etc…

*         If the bride wants to wear a purple dress with a pink veil, then Do It!

*         The groom wants to wear flip-flops, shorts, a fedora, and a Rock 'n Roll shirt, then Do It!

*         Want to have your guests dress in Fishing gear or Grass skirts, you can!

*         Want to carry a bouquet of Cookies, you can!

*         You can have your children stand with you!

*         Want to have a surprise wedding, then do it!

       The only thing that stops your wedding from being unique is your imagination.

I have had brides wear traditional white, cream, and blush wedding dresses. However, I’ve also had a few who wore non-traditional colors such as red, orange, green, grey, and black wedding gowns. Gone are the days when a bride had to wear solid white, off-white, or blush; with something blue tucked in their bouquets or pinned to their undergarment; now a bride can wear gowns that are any color or have tulle underskirts that are bright vivid colors. We have entered a time when individuality and being unique is important. So have fun and enjoy the wedding planning experience!